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I BELIEVE: Valentown Ghost Video: Holy Pixels

Ghosts caught on tape on YouTube are a dime a dozen and usually they’re just cheap scare videos designed to get you to pee your pants when something suddenly screams at you. I saw one that used Booberry as the ‘scary’ face. It just made me hungry.
Here’s a video I stumbled upon that is interesting but I think to blurry to get me to decide what I see.
Look for the shadowy figure behind the ghost hunter on the right side. Apparently this is supposed to be paranormal. It may also be a dancing janitor!

Gorilla walks like a person AKA The Greatest Video I’ve Ever Seen

This gorilla, Ambam, has had enough of crawling around on all fours like an animal. He has decided to evolve and walk like a person. He looks like he’s going to work. I’ve watched this video like ten times. Enjoy!

I BELIEVE: Video! Dead Alien Body Found in Russia!

I love paranormal YouTube videos from Russia. They put their heart and vodka into making a truly entertaining moment. Here’s a couple of Russian dudes filming what they claim is the dead body of an alien. I now will await the inevitable remix of the video with Katy Perry’s ET playing in the background.

Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson & Howie’s Ghost Hunters Filming Trip!

We made some videos for you to enjoy! Here they are!

Jason makes phonecalls like he’s a cowboy. This is the video of me, Grant and Jason discussing this situation. Plus, wood chopping is brought up.

I force Jason and Grant to promote!

Here’s a video from Jason with me and Britt at the beginning of the day!

Video: Charlie Duke takes a fall on the Moon

Charlie Duke on the Moon

Moonwalking isn’t as easy as Michael Jackson made it look.

From the video’s description:
Charlie drives the penetrometer into the soil and, leaning down on it as it descends, he falls forward to the ground. It takes three attempts for him to get back up by doing press-ups to a kneeling position before standing. In the middle of his second press-up, he supports his whole body on his hands, completely off the ground for two seconds. The strip of white soil in the background is the South Ray Crater ejecta blanket.

Uploaded by saintamh on YouTube.

I BELIEVE: UFO Video from Passenger Plane in South Korea

UFO South Korea

Here’s a short video of a pie plate flying by a passenger plane over South Korea. Thank God for cell phones because now UFO videos can be created in even worse quality!

A big thanks to Jeff Belanger for giving this link on Twitter. Follow him here:

I BELIEVE: Another Fake-Ass Bigfoot Video

It’s Monday which means another fake Bigfoot video is making the rounds on the internet. Just when the ‘Bigfoot’ aka Guy in a costume was about to confront the witnesses they run like children. What evidence! How scientific.

Enjoy your pathetic attempt at fame. I hope you didn’t get too much dirt on your costume.

Viral Vid: Elevator Ghost Prank

Ghost in Elevator

Here’s a well done ‘ghost’ in an elevator prank. How would you have reacted to this scare?

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The Ring-style ghost in the TV prank

Ring ghost prank

I could watch this all day. Excellent job, James Williams.

Via James’s YouTube channel:
I wanted to see how my girlfriend would react to a ghost coming out the tv trying to grab hold of her. I did it by creating a ghost like puppet that would clamp to the tv screen.

Well done.

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How Ghostbusters Should Have Ended

I got caught going down a YouTube rabbit hole and I stumbled upon this gem: How Ghostbusters Should Have Ended. I love How It Should Have Ended’s videos so I’m glad I finally found their take on Ghostbusters. I have to watch it 20 times in a row now.