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Caricature: Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Norman Reedus

Here’s my brand-new caricature of one of my favorite television characters Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus is awesome as Dixon and I made sure to include his zombie ear necklace.

You can order a caricature from me today right at my shop!

Here’s a RT from Norman Reedus on Twitter with my art. Make sure to follow him @wwwbigbaldhead

New Art: Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon VS a Zombie.

Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus Walking Dead killing a Zombie

Here’s a new portrait I literally just finished of the always awesome Norman Reedus as badass Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead on AMC. As you can see, he’s doing what he does best: killing a zombie. It’s based on the season 2 episode Chupacabra where Daryl falls down into the creek. He also builds himself a kick ass zombie ear necklace. One of my favorite television episodes ever.

Here’s a link to see my other Daryl Dixon artwork.

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My Walking Dead Tweet of the week

112 RT’s! Thanks fellow fans of the show.

Walking Dead Twitter

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Caricature: The Walking Dead’s Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon Caricature Art Walking Dead

Here’s a brand-new caricature I drew of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon from AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. I already drew his brother Daryl Dixon. Here’s a link to check out that Norman Reedus approved art!

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Daryl Dixon Walking Dead

Here’s my new artwork of Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I drew it on an awesome limited-edition Walking Dead sketch cover comic book. I’d love to draw a Daryl Dixon book one day.

I’ll have more Walking Dead sketch covers with me this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day at Collectors Corner in Baltimore MD. The fun starts at 9 AM so get there early to get a zombie caricature from me or 1 of my one-of-a-kind Walking Dead sketch covers.

UPDATE: The official Walking Dead comic book Twitter account sent an awesome message to me! Great to know they love Mort Drucker as well.