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I BELIEVE: UFO’S: UFO Over Arizona Debunked?

The UFO seen over Arizona yesterday is being called a US research balloon used to measure gamma ray emissions.
Gamma ray? Now we know what green man to really look out for!

I BELIEVE: UFO’S: UFO’S Still In Kansas, Dorothy!

Margie Kay, Director of KC MUFON, a UFO investigative group, says that UFO sightings are on the rise over Kansas in 2009. Why wouldn’t aliens love Kansas? Tons of farmland to ruin with crop circles! Check out the news report below to see all the fuzzy details!

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I BELIEVE: ALIEN PLANETS: I <3 Aliens LOL! is a website that allows you to text messages to the planet Gliese 581d, which according to the site, may support life. But I hate to break it to any non-English texting believers who want to communicate with alien life: The site only accepts messages in English. How Milky Way of them.
Go send ET a good LOL at the site or tell that alien Will Smith punched in Independence Day that he was totally PWNED!!!

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