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Tara Normal Activity: Tara Normal Pin-ups: Charlie Dowd

Below is an awesome sketch done by Illustrator Charlie Dowd. You can view his awesome illustrations at his site:

He posted this sketch of Tara as part of the
Tuesday Sketch exercise that runs on Twitter. This week’s was to draw one of your favorite webcomic characters and Mr. Dowd chose to draw Tara. This made my day. If you have a drawing of Tara Normal or any of the characters you’d like to share with the site email it to me at

Tara Normal sketch by Charles Dowd

Tara Normal sketch by Charles Dowd

Some of our favorite Tweets from last night’s episode of Ghost Hunters with Grant’s announcement

Ghost Hunters Shining Hotel Stanley Hotel TAPS

We just covered Grant’s huge announcement and our reaction to last night’s action, suspense, scares and drama packed episode of Ghost Hunters in our blog, and we wanted to share some of our favorite tweets from last night’s episode that we saw. Join the fun on twitter by following @hcnoel

Kris Williams @KrisWilliams81
@grantswilson Wishing you all good things, Grant! :) Now I know who I can harass while I’m not working wwwhahahahaha :)

Brian Stephenson @briansteez
@grantswilson great episode Grant! Will miss seeing you on TV but if you get bored you can always do some cases with us!! @tapshometeam

Chip Coffey @chipcoffey
@GrantSWilson is leaving Ghost Hunters. He’s a good guy & has always treated me with kindness & respect. You will be missed, Grant.

Holly Griffith @hollycgriffith
Ok, I cried! #GhostHunters WOW!

Britt Griffith @britttgriffith
@grantswilson Thanks for the fun & educational times. It was an honor to work with U. You will be missed. Love to your family and good luck

deonna kelli @deonnakelli
@grantswilson thank you for being so brave and for honoring your inner voice. I support you completely. On to YOUR next!

Senushemi @Senushemi
@grantswilson Pls keep us up-to-date. We love you as much as (if not more than) we love GH/TAPS, you know. :-)

Amy Bruni @amybruni
@grantswilson You also fully intend on still being a big dork & cooking me swordfish & letting me borrow your wife for girls night. Right?!

And of course:

Grant Wilson @grantswilson
All is well everyone!! I am well and happy!

My Walking Dead Tweet of the week

112 RT’s! Thanks fellow fans of the show.

Walking Dead Twitter

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