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Tara Normal Takes Over 30 Odd Minutes, the Paranormal TV Show

In case you missed seeing it live you can now rewatch my appearance on the awesome paranormal show 30 Odd Minutes right now! Thank you to Jeff Belanger and the entire crew ( especially Sarah and her laser gun!) for making me feel so welcome. It was like a Night Ranger concert and the band just played Sister Christian all night long.

From the episode’s description:
“In episode 40 we visit with H.C. Noel — a professional illustrator, cartoonist, and paranormal investigator. His character, Tara Normal investigates with the stars of TV’s Ghost Hunters in a comic published in every issue of TAPS Paramagazine, the official publication of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Tara Normal has also appeared online in her own award-winning webcomic which won the 2009 WRCA Reader’s Choice Best New Webcomic. Noel’s artwork has helped raise thousands of dollars for charity, and he’s a graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Don’t miss an interpretive reading of Noel’s comic by the Oddball crew and a live sketch of host Jeff Belanger during the interview. 30 Odd Minutes… if the truth is out there we will find it… but only by sheer accident.”

Frankenkitty T-Shirt Appears on SyFy on Ghost Hunters International Last Night

My Dr. Frankenkitty shirt was worn by Joe Chin on Ghost Hunters International on Syfy last night (2/16/2011)!
Here’s some screen caps!

Frankenkitty shirt on Ghost Hunters International on SyFy!

Frankenkitty on Ghost Hunters International on SyFy

You can order your very own Frankenkitty t-shirt from the TaraNormal store! Men’s and Women’s sizes available!

My Walking Dead Tweet of the week

112 RT’s! Thanks fellow fans of the show.

Walking Dead Twitter

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