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Live Event: Through the Veil this weekend in Atlanta, GA!

Through the Veil

Join me in 3 days June 8-10 at Through the Veil in Atlanta, GA. I’ll be doing caricatures and zombie caricatures and I’ll have some TaraNormal merch & comics with me. This is my 1st time ever being in Atlanta so I’m psyched. My friend Chip Coffey will be there along with SyFy’s Josh Gates,Ben Hansen and many other folks from the paranormal field. Hope to see you there!

TaraNormal Activity: Through the Veil

I had a great time at Through the Veil and I want to thank my friend Chip Coffey for telling me about the event and helping me be a part of it. It was great to hang out with my friends and meet new ones. I also got to do a lot of fun caricatures. Atlanta is my new favorite city. I was also psyched that Josh Gates from Destination Truth liked my caricature of him. I gave him to him as a gift and I got a copy of his new book. Awesome guy! Unfortunately we didn’t get to battle in a karaoke duel but maybe another time.

Josh Gates from Destination Truth and Howie Noel from

Josh Gates Chip Coffey and Howie Noel

Chip Coffey and Howie Noel from

Thanks to my friend Diana for the pic of me and Chip at lunch! Her twitter:!/DiJoy

Chip Coffey and Howie Noel

Atlanta, GA