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TaraNormal Activity: New York Comic Con 2010 is almost here!

I can’t believe it but this year’s New York Comic Con is almost here already! I’ve been running around like crazy and my wife has been sewing Tara Normal dolls like a mad woman! NYCC is on October 8-10th and Tara Normal will be at Booth 2582! I also want to do a Tara Normal meet up at a bar after the con Saturday so let me know any ideas you might have. Here’s a look at our new Stuffie Dolls! I really love how these came out. The first two figures are Dr. Frankenkitty and Shadowman! The ‘Bloody’ variant of Frankenkitty is a NYCC show exclusive so make sure to grab one at the con. The dolls will be on sale at the Tara Normal Store after the show for everyone who can’t get to NY so no worries.

My friends Brian and Fernando will be working the booth on Friday Oct. 8th. We’ll have all Tara Normal merch on hand including a print comic of Case #1!
I’ll be at the booth signing and drawing all day Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be doing caricatures all day Saturday and Sunday so if you’ve ever wanted me to draw you, it’s a great chance to have that happen.
Click to See My Caricature Website

Here’s the 1st look at the Tara Normal Stuffie Dolls! Each one is handmade and filled with madness!

Dr. Frankenkitty Stuffie Doll!

Shadowman Stuffie Doll!

I hope to see you at NYCC! It’s going to be a giant Tara Normal party!

TaraNormal Activity: NYCC 2010 Report!

First off, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello at my booth at the New York Comic Con. It was one of the best times I’ve every had at a comic book convention. The kind words given to me about my art reminded why I create. A huge thank you to my friend Brian Stephenson. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
Another big thank you to all of my friends who helped me run my booth: Kristy, Rob, Fern and Brian. I couldn’t have done it without you awesome folks!
Here’s some pics of the event in case you couldn’t be there! If you have an event you’d like me at to do caricatures please contact me at!

Tara Normal gets reviewed by!

While the recovery from the NY Comic-Con continues, here’s one of the very cool interviews I did. It’s with Anthony from (a very cool site now is now residing in my Bookmarks). He also reviewed the first ever Tara Normal book Origins. Please check it out!

Buy the new Tara Normal book!

Tara Normal Fan Art: Coco DeNucci & Cayen

Howie Noel's Tara Normal Fan Art by Coco Denucci

One of my highlights of NYCC (still so tired), was meeting Coco DeNucci! Coco told me she loved Tara’s comics. Coco is a very,
very talented artist and she sent this portrait of Tara to the official Tara Normal twitter @Tara_Normal.

Thank you so much, Coco!

Check her art out at her website:

I also received this awesome Tara Normal illustration via Google+ from Cayen.
You can check out Cayen’s webcomic Tides of Change here:

Tara Normal

Tara Normal returns to New York City! NY Comic Con 2012

Tara Normal at NY Comic Con 2012

We’re coming back home to New York for 1 of the biggest comic book conventions in the world. New York Comic Con is October 11-14, 2012 and I will be there all four days. I’ll be drawing caricatures, zombie caricatures and I’ll have a ton of Tara Normal merch for you to check out.
NYCC also marks the debut of the brand-new Tara Normal Issue #1 comic book. It’s my creepiest work ever so I hope you’ll check it out. We’ll have more info soon about our plans for the event.

Tara Normal Issue #1 to debut at NYCC 2012. Announcement on

As seen on and on their twitter, Tara Normal Issue #1 will debut at this year’s New York Comic-Con October 11-14.

Announcement seen at

TaraNormal Activity: NYCC 2012 Report

Tara Normal New York Comic-Con 2012

Ghost Hunters Adam Berry Tara Normal

Tara Normal New York Comic Con

Tara Normal NYCC Ghost Busters Zuul

Sorry, it took a week for me to get these photos up here. I had the biggest comic convention hangover ever. 4 huge days meeting a ton of awesome readers and trying to pack years of catching up with my NY friends into 4 days really took a toll on me. Now I’m feeling back to normal again (as normal as I get). Here’s a few cool pictures from the show. NYCC 2012 was one of the biggest shows for Tara Normal yet. The debut of Tara Normal Issue #1 went amazing and the book and my art was very well received. Ghost Hunters’ Adam Berry and his husband Ben Berry surprised me by visiting me at the show. Great to see him again and to meet Ben in person! Looking forward to 2013 already.