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TAPS Paramagazine: Jan/Feb ’10 Comic Preview

As you might have read in last week’s comic update, Tara Normal is now appearing in TAPS Paramagazine! The first issue to feature my comic is the January/February issue. It’s a dream-come-true scenario for me and I can’t wait for you to see the first comic. Below is a preview of the first adventure and it guest stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of TAPS and stars of SyFy’s hit show, Ghost Hunters. It takes place at TAPS Headquarters in Rhode Island and it was a blast to draw.
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Tara Normal with Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson in TAPS Paramagazine

Tara Normal with Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson in TAPS Paramagazine

TaraNormal Activity: Beyond Reality Events Mt. Washington Findings

What an amazing couple of days we had at Mt. Washington in NH this year! I wouldn’t be lying if I said I had one of the best times ever. I got to hang out with all of my friends from TAPS and Beyond Reality and take part in a crazy investigation in the Princess Room at the hotel too! I’m also very pleased to say that the artwork I created for the event helped raise $1500 for the charity auction. The auction was to held to raise money to benefit the Charles R. Foley Jr. Gilmartin Foundation which helps families when their child has cancer. Charles was an amazing child who was taken from this earth too soon. It’s truly a great cause so please take the time to check it out and donate.

Some exciting news to come out of the event is that Grant Wilson and I brainstormed some ideas for a new series of limited-edition art prints I will making for the TaraNormal Shop. These things are going to be amazing and I can’t wait to start creating them.

It was rough to have to leave this year and get back to reality after such an awesome trip. Thank you again to Holly Griffith for letting Shelley and I be a part of it. She did steal Shelley away from me so they could go look for wild animals leaving me to draw all day with no breaks or fresh air intervals in between huffing Sharpies but hey, I’m not gonna complain.

A big thank you to Christina who got me an anniversary cake in honor of Tara Normal turning 1 year old! She also got me balloons (which are not allowed in Mt. Washington!) and a very nice card. Christina is an awesome supporter of the site and the stories I tell. It was very special to me.

Congratulations to Michelle who won the TAPS Mt. Washington art print I made for the auction. She promised she was going to win this year and she did not disappoint. She already framed it and it looks amazing.

Talented musician Raven Quinn and I signed limited edition art prints created of my drawings of her graphic novel character at the event as well! These prints are now on sale at Raven’s store. I’m really proud of this piece. Make sure to get one before they’re sold out!

We are still reviewing our evidence caught on the investigation so I will save that for another entry. Right now enjoy some pictures from our time at Mt. Washington!

Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Howie Noel and Shelley Noel at Mt. Washington

Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters signing Howie Noel's art for the charity auction

Kris Williams signing Howie Noel's art poster for the Mt. Washington charity auction

Howie with Michelle, the winning bidder of the TAPS art poster at Mt. Washington

Raven Quinn and Howie Noel

Raven Quinn and Howie Noel

Howie Noel and Chip Coffey and Amy Bruni

Haley Howie Amy and Eddie!

My 1st Anniversary cake! Thank you Christina and Brandy!

TaraNormal Activity: Caricature Event July 4 at Spalding Inn!

On July 4th I’ll be drawing caricatures pretty much all day at the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, NH! The Spalding Inn is owned by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. I had the chance to stay there in April and I really enjoyed my stay. It was featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters and is reported to be haunted. In addition to caricatures I’ll have some cool Tara Normal stuff on hand so stop by and say hello and get a drawing! The annual July 4th party at the Spalding is the stuff of legend.
I recently created a portrait of Jason and Grant which will be hung in the Inn’s 2 Kings Pub. For July 4th, t-shirts I designed based on the art will be on sale so make sure to get one before they’re gone! I can’t wait to snag one for myself. Here’s my 2 Kings Pub artwork:

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson 2 Kings Spalding Inn Art

A special thanks to Jason for inviting me to the Spalding to do caricatures. It will be a blast drawing everyone! Hope to see you there!

VOTE! Choose Where Tara Normal & TAPS Will Ghost Hunt On Halloween!

In the Sep/Oct issue of TAPS Paramagazine, there will be a special 2 page edition of the Tara Normal comic. I’m going to make the story line for it a ‘live’ investigation so now you can pick where the ghost hunt will take place! Below is the place for you can vote! Help me pick where Tara and Jason, Grant, Kris Williams, Amy Bruni, Steve, and Tango will investigate by voting below!

Where do you want Tara Normal and TAPS to investigate in the 2010 Halloween issue of TAPS Paramagazine?
The Amityville Horror House
Stanley Hotel
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Eastern State Penitentiary
Spalding Inn
The White House free polls

Tara Normal 2010 Halloween Issue of TAPS Paramagazine Poll Results

I closed the voting for the poll to decide what crazy awesome location Tara Normal and TAPS would investigate in the 2010 Halloween issue of TAPS Paramagazine tonight at 8PM EST! The winner is…

The White House!

The White House

Look for Tara Normal and the TAPS team to investigate the President’s home in the latest Tara Normal comic in the Halloween issue of TAPS Paramagazine due out September 6th!

I know that this is the location that Jason Hawes wanted to investigate so you readers have chosen wisely!

Holy Grail Knight

Below are the results! Thank you for voting and stay tuned for the next Tara Normal location poll!

2010 Halloween TAPS Paramagazine TAPS & Tara Normal Comic Location Poll Results

TAPS Paramagazine: Jul/Aug ‘10 Comic Preview

Tara Normal TAP Paramagazine Comic with Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson

Here’s a peek at the Tara Normal comic from the new July/August issue of TAPS Paramagazine which is on sale now! In fact, I just picked up a copy at my local Borders. It was awesome to buy a magazine that my art appears in. The next issue will be a special Halloween-themed event and as chosen by you the readers, the comic will take place at the White House.

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I BELIEVE: Ghost Hunters Returns to SyFy Tonight at 9 PM EST!

My friends Jason and Grant are back on SyFy at 9PM EST tonight on SyFy for a new round of paranormal investigating on Ghost Hunters.

My friend Aaron over at has a cool preview up of tonight’s episode taking place at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, NY. He even has a pic of TaraNormal buddies Chip Coffey and Amy Bruni chilling in night vision. I need more night vision pics over here.

Tara Normal in TAPS Paramagazine: The First Comic

I recently finished producing the Tara Normal comic for the November/December issue of TAPS ParaMagazine when I realized that’s a full year of cartooning for the publication so far! It’s been a dream come true for my character to ghost hunt with the actual team members from Ghost Hunters so I thought I’d share the first comic from the January/February 2010 issue with you! This is the only time I’ll post the comics online so to see my TAPS comics please subscribe to the magazine today so you don’t miss out on all of Tara Normal’s adventures as the only cartoon member of TAPS!

TaraNormal TV: TaraNormal Activity: Episode 1: Fort Mifflin-Casemaste 11

TaraNormal TV is here (on YouTube!). I’ll be posting videos from our conventions, ghost hunts and some art tutorials too! You can friend us and subscribe at

Here is Episode 1 of Tara Normal Activity!
Episode 1 Description:
Tara Normal creator Howie goes ghost hunting at haunted Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA with TAPS Home Team investigators Rob and Jess. Episode 1 sees the Tara Normal Activity crew check out Casemate 11.

Thank you for watching!

Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson & Howie’s Ghost Hunters Filming Trip!

We made some videos for you to enjoy! Here they are!

Jason makes phonecalls like he’s a cowboy. This is the video of me, Grant and Jason discussing this situation. Plus, wood chopping is brought up.

I force Jason and Grant to promote!

Here’s a video from Jason with me and Britt at the beginning of the day!