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I BELIEVE: GHOSTS: Are You Sold on This Cell Phone Ghost Picture?

Even though taking pictures of badly dressed people at Walmart is all the rage right now, there are still those people out there that like the old-fashioned hobby of taking pictures of folks that are no longer with us: ghosts! A Malaysian family claims they have captured a ghost on camera while they were in a cemetery.

Here’s the photo:

Cellphone Ghost From Maylasia

It looks pretty creepy but to me it seems like it could be a statue or just a bunch of shapes that our mind would read as a face. This is known as matrixing. Check out this great article by TAPS Co-Founder Grant Wilson on the subject.

What do you think of the photo?

To us at it kinda looks like the Cat Ghoulie!
Cat Ghoulie!

Read the full article and see more of the cellphone “ghost” photos at AsiaoneDigital!

Tara Normal Activity: Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary

This Saturday I’ll be at the Beyond Reality Events: Eastern State Penitentiary featuring the stars of Ghost Hunters! I’ll have a couple pieces of art in the charity auction as well as a whole table of Tara Normal goods including art prints, t-shirts and the new Tara Normal comic book!
I’m really looking forward to seeing friends again and investigating Eastern State as it’s one of the top haunted places in America.
Check out Beyond Reality Events at the link below!

TaraNormal Activity: Beyond Reality Events Eastern State Pen. Findings

I was very, very busy in April! Before we hit Mt. Washington, we made our way to Eastern State Penitentiary, one of the creepiest places I’ve ever been to. If you’re into creepy places, make sure you check this one out. Several places in this former prison make you feel like you’re not welcome. This is a heavy feeling in the air around death row and in a group I was part of a voice was heard coming from absolute darkness. It was right into my friend Eddie’s ear and the group was lucky enough to catch it on their recorders.
With a group that Amy Bruni was leading, shadow people and mists were seen. Amy and her fellow investigators also witnessed a jellyfish-like anomaly floating above the lower floor area. Amy said she had never seen anything like it before in her ghost hunting career.
With Chip Coffey, I was able to be a part of a communication with was believed to be the spirit of a former prison guard. Chip set up his mag light for communication with the entity. It is believed by unscrewing the flashlight to the point where it turns off, one can ask the entity to move the light and turn it on to communicate. This is what we witnessed. My K-II meter also went off in unison with the flashlight and the temperature was measured as dropping when the questioning began.
It was my first time meeting Chip and we were like old friends right from the start. He knew all of the awful jokes I knew ( in fact, he knew WAY more!). He’s an amazing person and friend. Please take the time to visit his site. His show, Paranormal Kids, has just been renewed for its 3rd season!
Kris Williams lead a group that saw a shadow person running straight into wall! I didn’t get to see such a sight but some of the ceiling did almost fall on me. Plus, I’m pretty sure I accidentally ate some paint chips at my time in Eastern State. Kris will try to say it wasn’t an accident.

I had two exclusive large format art prints of the Tara Normal comics that appeared in the TAPS Paramagazine. These prints and my other art in the auction helped raise over $400 for the auction which benefited Eastern State. Thank you to the lucky bidders.

I’d like to just thank Beyond Reality Events and Holly Griffith for being kind enough to let me be a part of such an awesome time! Make sure to check out an event near you!

Kris Williams and Howie Noel

Howie at Eastern State Pen.

Amy Bruni and my Tara Normal print for the charity auction

I BELIEVE: Ghosts: Scottish Hotel Workers convinced blur is a ghost

The employees of the New Lanark Mill Hotel believe they have proof of the paranormal and it was all captured on CCTV.

From General Manager John Stirrat: “At one point it disappears through a door, without opening it, and reappears. No staff, guests or members of the public were outside at the time, so it is definitely not human nor a trick of the light.”

So because no staff or guests were there it automatically means it’s not a trick of the light? Interesting logic but to me, it looks like a trick of the light. And trust me, I want to believe but here…I just can’t. What do you think? Check out the video below!

Read the whole story at Phantoms & Monsters!

TAPS Paramagazine: May/June ‘10 Comic Preview

The new May/June issue of TAPS ParaMagazine is about to be released so I thought I’d share a new preview of the new Tara Normal comic from the mag! In this issue, Tara is investigating with TAPS members Steve Gonsalves & Dave Tango from TV’s Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters Academy on SyFy when a bet takes place. Find out the results of the wager in the new TAPS ParaMag!
Order/subscribe online today!

Tara Normal with Steve & Tango from Ghost Hunters!

VOTE! Choose Where Tara Normal & TAPS Will Ghost Hunt On Halloween!

In the Sep/Oct issue of TAPS Paramagazine, there will be a special 2 page edition of the Tara Normal comic. I’m going to make the story line for it a ‘live’ investigation so now you can pick where the ghost hunt will take place! Below is the place for you can vote! Help me pick where Tara and Jason, Grant, Kris Williams, Amy Bruni, Steve, and Tango will investigate by voting below!

Where do you want Tara Normal and TAPS to investigate in the 2010 Halloween issue of TAPS Paramagazine?
The Amityville Horror House
Stanley Hotel
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Eastern State Penitentiary
Spalding Inn
The White House free polls

I BELIEVE: Demon in the Corner: A TaraNormal Reader’s Haunting


We here at TaraNormal welcome you, our wonderful readers, to share your first hand accounts of the unknown with us always. Our first reader submitted paranormal experience came in the form of an amazing encounter with the creature(s) known as “Bigfoot”. This tale below, submitted by a reader named “Angel”, is a true-life experience of the loss of a close loved one, a demonic haunting, and the struggle to carry on in it the wake of it all. Read her tale below.

“Through the years since this happened to me I have been reluctant to tell anyone, afraid of the backlash of non-belief, non-acceptance, and accusations of insanity that I have always feared were likely to follow. After discussing it again recently with my mother, I feel that enough time has passed and that minds might be a little more open to he possibilities of the existence of demonic entities. I remember reading your post about wanting your readers to share paranormal experiences. You are someone I trust and felt it only right that I share my story with you.

I guess I can start way back when I was a toddler. 3 years old and I refused to sleep in my own bed in my own room. I preferred sleeping in the living room on our couch. My parents were perplexed by this because of how open and scary a living room can be to a small child in pitch dark in the middle of the night, but they granted my wish and allowed me to sleep there. One morning when I woke, my mother says I was giddy, practically ecstatic, running around and saying “This one dark lady comes.” I’m not sure how many 3 year olds you’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but it’s not really the sort of thing a 3 year old would say, let alone be thrilled about. My parents didn’t know what to make of it, and it never happened again. They were open to the realm of the paranormal even back then and thought maybe I had been visited by a relative or some other kind spirit who I was elated to have met. I started sleeping in my own room again when I began having nightmares about a large black crow and they figured that phase of my life was over.

Fast forward a few years… (Ok, how about 20?) my father passed away in June of 2003. My world was absolutely upended. He had been ill for a while, so It wasn’t a shock, but my father was my hero and my rock. Without him the world seemed only cruel and dark and frightening. He was an indescribable man. I search myself daily for ways that I can communicate who he was and what he was like to my son, but always fall so very short of what actually knowing him and being around him felt like.

At the time I was living on the east coast and was visiting California. I was able to see him and tell him I love him and hear him say he loved me too before he passed, and that is a blessing I will always treasure. In those absolutely black days shortly after his death, everything seemed to sweep by me without meaning or feeling. I was numb and angry and devastated. Everyone else’s problems and complaints seemed so useless and trivial. I was lost in a world of grief so deep that I forgot that at the end of the week I would be boarding a plane and flying away from my mother, my extended family and all of my friends. When the time came, I was torn. I didn’t want to leave, but I was newly married and felt that I should go with my husband. I took the flight alone into Hilton Head Island. A pre-planned vacation with my husband and his family before all hell broke loose. I considered cancelling and asking my husband to return with me to where we were living in Ohio at the time but decided that it would be best to just go and maybe it would do me some good.

They owned a timeshare there and it was lovely, but I was too grief stricken to appreciate it fully. The weather was horrible and I hated it. Like walking into a gigantic, muggy oven. I hated everything about everything I saw and did on that trip. I hated the swamps and the moss hanging from the trees. I hated the alligators and the ocean and the sand and the sun and the goddamned tourists and my own inability to experience life the way everyone else seemed to be able to, now that my father was gone. Our second night there, I just wanted to sleep. I would lay awake for hours crying while my then husband snored beside me. Grief and exhaustion and travel finally caught up with me and I turned in at around 11pm that night.

I don’t remember dreaming, I just remember hearing the clattering of the blinds on the windows and thumping in the room. I tried to sit up but realized I couldn’t. My eyes traced the borders of the room and dark corners looking for an intruder or for some explanation for the sounds that woke me. My eyes were dark adjusted and when I finally found the source of the noise I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. I tried again in vain to move… To sit up, to run, to punch my husband awake, anything, but to no avail.

In the right hand corner of the room right near the door was a black figure that seemed to be crafted wholly out of a black fog. I could see the fog swirling and it would coalesce into the figure of a very tall man. No facial features, just complete darkness. The complete absence of light. It started to move toward me and I literally thought that I would be dead within the next few minutes. For some reason the entity could only come so far and no farther. He couldn’t get closer to me and he couldn’t touch me and it made him furious. He didn’t communicate verbally, but mentally. As if he was putting images and words into my head. He said he wanted to rip me open. He had long sharp looking claws that hung at his sides and when he said this to me or rather gave me this impression, he held one up and feigned a cutting motion from my neck to my groin. When he did that it was as if he had actually done it. I could feel a sharp pain laced with burning… could even feel blood running out of the wound down my sides. He showed me images of him pulling my organs out and throwing them around the room… all the while, absolutely scathing and furious. I started to cry and he mocked me. I felt watched and inspected. As if every thought I’d ever had was on review. As if the database of my brain was being searched for ways to hurt me. I felt invaded, as if he was inside of me. Pure malevolence as I have never experienced or witnessed it here on this earth… that’s what he was. Absolute evil and dread. He mocked me and mocked my dead father. He cursed my God when I began to pray in my mind. He called me names. Dirty, filthy names that I will not repeat. He wanted to disembowel me. Mutilate me. Complete desecration. I began to become angry. Livid.

I fought hard again to move and found I could kick my legs and I kept kicking and kicking the bed. This FINALLY woke my husband who sat up and turned the light on and the instant light was thrown into the room he was gone and I was able to sit up. I sat in bed and sobbed. I never ever told my husband what I had seen as he was a complete disbeliever in all of those things. I stayed up until morning light was visible through the blinds and passed out.

I don’t know what this was. It was too real to be a nightmare. The feeling of absolute evil was so heavy it was as if it could crush the room.

I told my mother about it and she said she is convinced of the existence of dark forces or demons who work only to torment or try to destroy people who are already on the brink of destruction. I was so low at this time of my life that I was a perfect target. She mentioned offhand about how “the dark lady” from my childhood couldn’t have been evil because I was so happy about it.

I believe it was my father’s spirit through God’s grace that kept the demon from me. He was my protector in life and I feel he was again in death.”

This account really floored me. Thank you to Angel for being brave enough to share her paranormal experience on I truly appreciate it.

A helpful site on demonology is run by Adam Blai. Adam’s a friend of mine and a great person. You can contact him through his site and he has an amazing amount of information regarding demonology.

If you have a paranormal experience you’d like to share contact us at

If you are looking for help with any troubling paranormal experiences, TAPS has a resource listing of all of their approved members at their site.