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I Believe: Real News Station Seriously Reports A Zombie Pic

Zombie caught on the news

I’ve known for a long time that the media is this country has gone ‘over the rainbow’. This news report from NBC 22 in Baton Rouge, LA proves that they ran out of videos of a squirrel waterskiing and have now moved onto reporting photoshopped zombie pics.
Can somebody get TaraNormal on the news? We’ll take it!

Amazing: ET 2 Trailer


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

I would watch ET 2 (ET-X) over and over again. So glorious.

I BELIEVE: Another Fake-Ass Bigfoot Video

It’s Monday which means another fake Bigfoot video is making the rounds on the internet. Just when the ‘Bigfoot’ aka Guy in a costume was about to confront the witnesses they run like children. What evidence! How scientific.

Enjoy your pathetic attempt at fame. I hope you didn’t get too much dirt on your costume.