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Tara Normal Activity: New Interview!

There’s a new, great interview I did over at A.N.A. Comics. Please check it out! I talk about Tara Normal, My graphic novel, Mr. Scootles (on sale now at our shop-get a free sketch too!) and my creative process.
A big thank you to Richard Caldwell for talking with me.

New Podcast Interview with Howie now available for download!

Strange Frequencies Radio

An interview I did waaaay back in December 2010 with the awesome peeps at Strange Frequencies Radio is now available for download or you can just listen to the link below. I talk about Tara Normal, comics, art and the paranormal! Please check it out.

Comic: Dr. Frankenkitty: Episode 1

Dr Frankenkitty Webcomic 001

Awesome News: Tara Normal Trade Paperback August 2011!

We’ve been teasing a little story entitled Case Zero and we revealed on Facebook and Twitter that it’s Tara Normal’s origin story. We were going to release them as a special single comic book but then we asked what you thought on our social networking sites. By a huge majority you chose an awesome trade paperback of a bunch of Tara’s mysteries. Ask and ye shall receive. I’m currently coloring and drawing Case Zero (it’s insane). The trade will be available in my Tara Normal Store in late August. Thank you so much for believing in Tara Normal and my art.

Cover art by Kelly Mudge-Criswell.

Cover Design by Shelley Noeldechen.

Tara Normal Trade Paperback Cover Art

Store Signing! Collectors Corner 9/14/2011

I’ll be at Collectors Corner in Baltimore, MD starting at 1 PM to draw caricatures and sign copies of my new Tara Normal book Origins. Hope to see you there!

Tara Normal Activity: Howie Drew Today’s Gutters Webcomic!

Howie, creator of Tara Normal, penciled and inked the art for today’s Dr. Who-centric comic for Gutters written by Least I Could Do creator Ryan Sohmer.

Please check it out!

Tara Normal is now on the Amazon Kindle! 1st ever book with brand-new origin story on sale.

Tara Normal Origins on Amazon Kindle

Order Tara Normal on Amazon Kindle:

My 1st ever Tara Normal book is now available for the Amazon Kindle for a low price of $2.99. Since there are only a few (like 7) copies of the print edition left, this is your best bet for reading Tara Normal’s super secret origin story and first case. Buying it on the Kindle also helps support me and my art and helps keep the site running. Thank you for reading my comic, stopping by and saying hello at events, getting a shirt(s) and original art. It’s helped me keep Tara Normal running throughout a tough time and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Purchase a limited-edition print version of the first ever Tara Normal book here:

Tara Normal: Demonology Black and White Comic

I thought I’d share the progress on this project with you. Here’s a looking at some finished pages from a black & white Tara Normal story I was working on.

Tara Normal Demonology Cover Art

Tara Normal Demonology Comic Book Page 1

Tara Normal Demonology Comic Book Page 2

Tara Normal Demonology Comic Book Page 3

Tara Normal Demonlogy Comic Book Page 4

Tara Normal Demonlogy Comic Book Page 5

What do you think of this teaser? Do you like the direction and would you like to see more in this style? Let me know in the comments section below.

New TAPS Paramagazine Comic Preview: Ghost Hunters’ Jason Hawes, Britt Griffith & Maddie Hawes

Tara Normal TAPS Paramagazine Comic Jason Hawes Britt Griffith Maddie Ghost Hunters art

I’ve been busy working on the Tara Normal Young Adult Novel (over 21,000 words typed so far) and finishing this new TAPS Paramagazine comic. I wanted this new comic to be a tribute to the Ghost Hunters fans who have supported me since they discovered my work. It’s a new 2 page comic and the whole team is shown. This is my first ever drawing of Maddie, Jason’s ghost hunting dog. It’ll be available in the May/June 2012 issue of TAPS Paramagazine. Subscribe here:

Read the Preface to the Tara Normal novel I’m writing here: