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TaraNormal Activity: NYCC 2010 Report!

First off, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello at my booth at the New York Comic Con. It was one of the best times I’ve every had at a comic book convention. The kind words given to me about my art reminded why I create. A huge thank you to my friend Brian Stephenson. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
Another big thank you to all of my friends who helped me run my booth: Kristy, Rob, Fern and Brian. I couldn’t have done it without you awesome folks!
Here’s some pics of the event in case you couldn’t be there! If you have an event you’d like me at to do caricatures please contact me at!

2011 Baltimore Comic-Con: The Stuff of TaraNormal

Edgar Allan Poe Believe T-Shirt Tara Normal

I’ll be at the Baltimore Comic-Con in Artist’s Alley Table A166 drawing caricatures and sketches all both Saturday and Sunday, but that’s not all of the awesomeness I’m bringing to the show.

Tara Normal : Origins Trade Paperback

The first ever trade paperback of my comic Tara Normal will be on sale for the first time ever at the convention. This is your first chance to get your hands on the adventures of Tara so don’t miss out. Supplies are very limited as we published this book ourselves with the support of the Tara Normal Believers who pre-ordered their copies. I’ll be happy to sign your copy of course if you wish.

Saturday will also mark the debut of a brand new t-shirt we made: The Poe ‘Believe’ Shirt. Tara wears this shirt in Case #3 of the comic and I have had more than a few requests to make this a real thing.

Each of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems had a gothic link to them and many spoke of a belief in the paranormal. The city of Baltimore was closely linked to Poe’s legacy and its many ghost stories lead us to believe in the unknown. The term Believe is the very slogan of the Tara Normal mythology and this graphic shirt allows you to tell the world you are a Believer.

I hope to see you this weekend. You can RSVP on the TaraNormal Facebook page right now!

TaraNormal Activity: Post Baltimore Comic-Con Report

Howie Noel and Tara Normal at Baltimore Comic-Con 2011

The 2011 Baltimore Comic-Con is now history and I want to take a moment to thanks all of the Tara Normal readers who stopped by to show their support and pick up a Tara Normal book, shirt or print at the show. We had our best comic convention in history and hopefully we’ve made some more Believers in the Tara Normal.

Below is a picture of a couple I drew caricatures of. He proposed to her in front of Stan Lee. What a cool way to propose marriage!

Howie Noel Caricatures at Baltimore Comic-Con 2011

With help from my wife Shelley and buddy Chris, everything went smoothly on both Saturday and Sunday. I discovered there were a lot of ghost hunters in attendance at the con and being able to speak to people interested in the paranormal was a treat.

Convention sketch for a TaraNormal fan I made of Marty McFly and Doc Brown From Back To The Future

Marty McFly and Doc Brown Caricature by Howie Noel

The convention marked the debut of two pieces I’m very, very proud of: our first book Tara Normal: Origins and our brand-new t-shirt, the Poe “Believe” shirt. Both sold extremely well at the show and people loved the look of my Poe design. If you weren’t able to attend the con, we’ll be doing a pre-order for the Poe shirt so it can be added to our online store very soon.

Howie with Stan Lee Collectible Cups at Baltimore Comic-Con

The reception to our first book, Tara Normal: Origins, was amazing. Everyone loved the cover by Kelly Mudge and I hope when they get the chance to read the contents inside, they will find Tara’s secret origin very surprising.
Another amazing thing about the convention was I finally met Stan Lee. ‘Nuff said!

Howie Noel and Stan 'The Man' Lee

Zombie Caricature: Paul from Ghost Hunters International on SyFy

Paul Bradford Ghost Hunters International Zombie Caricature

I zombie-fied my good friend Paul from SyFy’s hit paranormal show Ghost Hunters International. Paul is currently guest starring in my comic Tara Normal so this is my way of saying ‘thank you’. I turned him into one of the undead.

You can get your own ‘Zombie’ caricature from me. Just write ‘ZOMBIE’ in the Notes section when you place your order.

Caricature: Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Norman Reedus

Here’s my brand-new caricature of one of my favorite television characters Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus is awesome as Dixon and I made sure to include his zombie ear necklace.

You can order a caricature from me today right at my shop!

Here’s a RT from Norman Reedus on Twitter with my art. Make sure to follow him @wwwbigbaldhead

TaraNormal Activity: Through the Veil

I had a great time at Through the Veil and I want to thank my friend Chip Coffey for telling me about the event and helping me be a part of it. It was great to hang out with my friends and meet new ones. I also got to do a lot of fun caricatures. Atlanta is my new favorite city. I was also psyched that Josh Gates from Destination Truth liked my caricature of him. I gave him to him as a gift and I got a copy of his new book. Awesome guy! Unfortunately we didn’t get to battle in a karaoke duel but maybe another time.

Josh Gates from Destination Truth and Howie Noel from

Josh Gates Chip Coffey and Howie Noel

Chip Coffey and Howie Noel from

Thanks to my friend Diana for the pic of me and Chip at lunch! Her twitter:!/DiJoy

Chip Coffey and Howie Noel

Atlanta, GA

Caricatures at Chip Coffey’s Coffey Talk Tour in Washington DC

Howie Noel caricatures Chip Coffey Coffey Talk

Last night I had the awesome opportunity to be a special guest at my friend Chip Coffey’s Coffey Talk live event in Washington DC. I got to draw a lot of caricatures for some very cool people. Chip’s gallery reading are amazing to witness in person. I highly suggest you attend one in the future.

(Photo by Greta Refert)

Caricature: The Walking Dead’s Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon Caricature Art Walking Dead

Here’s a brand-new caricature I drew of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon from AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. I already drew his brother Daryl Dixon. Here’s a link to check out that Norman Reedus approved art!

I’ll be drawing caricatures at Chip Coffey’s tour stop in Baltimore this Sunday

Chip Coffey by Howie Noel

My good friend and famous TV psychic Chip Coffey has invited me to draw caricatures before his event in Baltimore this Sunday March 9. I’ll be bringing copies of my Tara Normal comics & my Tara Normal novel as well if you’d like to pick them up. Here’s the location info for the event:
Lord Baltimore
20 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM (EDT)

You can order tickets here:

Hope to see you there!