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I BELIEVE: Bigfoot almost got run over-not by a reindeer!

A couple claims to have almost hit Bigfoot with their car in Pennsylvania. To be fair, from the description given it could’ve been an old gym teacher of mine from high school. We used to track her from the prints she made in the woods beside the school.
In the eyewitness account the creature leaped over the car! I had no idea Bigfoot had that kind of agility. Now I do! And so do you…read the entire story at Paranormal News!



I BELIEVE: How Do You get a One Armed Polish Yeti Out of A Tree?

Yeti in Poland?

Yeti in Poland?

I don’t know why every time someone tries to film a cryptozoological creature the person’s hands get all shaky but it’s happened again, folks. This time in Poland! The Morning Starr has reported on the story of Piotr Kowalski. a 27 year old man with the shakiest hands next to an 88 year old caffeine addict on a Red Bull bender, and his story about how he tried to film what he claims is an honest-to-Biskupin Yeti, the snow loving relative to Bigfoot. Check out the video to see the Yeti lumber around like a man in a suit trying to walk over some rocks!

Here’s a better video of Mitch Hedberg explaining why the videos of Bigfoot and his friends are always blurry. RIP Mitch!

I BELIEVE: A TaraNormal Reader’s Amazing Bigfoot Sighting in East Texas

I can’t even add anything to this sighting reported by Tara Normal reader, Todd. It’s an amazing account of several encounters with the Sasquatch. Here is the report as sent to me.

“It’s been more than 15 years since me and my family spotted and researched our East Texas Bigfoot, but below is when and what we experienced. Dates are not specific since so much time has passed. I had moved to Pittsburg, Texas smack dab in the middle of East Texas in 1990 from West Texas and had become addicted to spending as much time as possible in the woods. So travelling down oil tops or gravel roads thru primitive spots was not uncommon. The experiences described below (some in greater detail than others) took place from 1991 thru 1995, some of the best years of my life.

Back in 1991 I was 15 years old and my friends and I would ride our bikes everywhere. The summer of 1991 was no exception, except this summer we decided to try a cut thru on an oil top that would lead us to a lake that was roughly 10 miles from our house. I was in the lead riding my bike and had just come down a huge hill and around a curve when out stepped a large animal, upright, approximately 7 to 8 feet tall, covered in hair. I was about 30 yards from the animal when it came across the road. It glanced over it’s shoulder at me, and that’s when I saw it had human features to it’s face, eyes and nose were clear enough that I could tell it had very little hair around it’s face, but was covered in a brownish red hair all over the it’s body (Profile view is what I saw at this time),it took a few large strides across the oil top and down into the creek bed below and on thru the woods on the other side. It took a few seconds for my brain to comprehend what I had just seen, and the clarity of it still had not kicked in when my brother and a friend of ours arrived. At that time I was shaken, and very scared having not witnessed anything like this in my life. We continued on our trip down, cause I did not want to go back thru in fear of what the creature might do if we were to go back past.

On our trip back, we were probably about 2 miles from where I had originally saw the creature, and were about to cross the northern section of the same creek bed, when out to our left we all saw what appeared at the time to me, to be the same creature standing out by a tree some 50 yards off the road. When it saw us it ducked behind the tree, and as we passed it ran back south along the creek bed. At this time my brother and our friend had witnessed it so I knew I wasn’t crazy or my brain constructing something together out of nothing, I had the confirmation I needed.

We made our way back home, frightened kids, and confided our story into a gentleman we trusted, and were laughed at and mocked. We even took him back to the location I had seen the creature cross. There was a very clear path and very defined foot prints (which we measured at 18.5″ in length). We were told what we saw was a deer rearing up on it’s hind legs to eat from the trees, and sent back home.

Well my mother is a very open minded person, so she would take us out night and day to see if we could locate another one in order to get pictures, etc. Well when you hear people say the Sasquatch are elusive, they definitely are. We started finding foot prints in the woods, now we were measuring 18.5, 16, 14.5, and a 10″ print, all along the same path. These were areas that contained a lot of under brush that would not allow for a man to walk barefoot easily, so we knew these weren’t tracks made by some of the local residence. As we continued searching for “Harry”, which we named the big one after “Harry and the Henderson’s” we got more and more people involved with us to help us look and listen. There for a while every time we went out we would see one (100 yards off the road or more, at the edge of a clearing, moving from tree to tree). We tried so many ways to get pictures of them, we even got braver and would take a video camera into the woods with us at night in hopes of maybe getting a glimpse of one, usually those videos ended with nice pictures of our feet as we ran back to the van (yeah we were brave…not). The smell always gave them away, it was a musky scent like that of a skunk. Several times the scent was stronger than others, so I’m not sure if the scent is a defense mechanism or a way of warning other sasquatch or marking territory, cause it wasn’t always as pungent, in fact the scent got better the more we were out there.

Each time we went out we started seeing a different coloration moving thru the trees. As time went on we realized that what we were seeing was that one of them was a blondish gray color, this was not the largest, but was approximately 6 to 6.5 feet tall. This particular one, which we started calling “Blondie”, would make closer passes to us and would observe our actions a lot closer than the others. The largest of them “Harry” would keep the others at a distance from us by yelling really loudly at us, shaking trees, etc. if the others got within 20 to 30 yards of us. We suspect he was probably the pack leader, the alpha male.

As we continued going out the group of sasquatch became either familiar with the sound or our vehicle or our scent and would not run off as frequently. They would always stay just out of site, calling to each other in a soft howl, or a rough grunt. I got to where I could imitate their how pretty good and could get them to call back and even get them to move closer to the road from time to time. There were several times they would cross the road right behind the car (this was very eerie seeing a pair of eyes reflecting in the tail light, some 6 to 7 feet in the air crossing 10 to 15 yards behind your car). We started setting out voice activated tape records next to bags of fish hoping that maybe we could get them on tape talking to each other. We would rig the bags up so that other vermin couldn’t get to them. We had a ton of recordings of raccoon fights as they tried to figure ways to get the bags, but occasionally we would get a recording of something large walking and very heavy breathing, and on a few rare instances we would get the distant recording of a howl or grunt. My mother still had these tapes last I knew, but where they are now is anyones guess.

As our sightings became more and more frequent we had the pleasure of meeting a Dr. Carl Baugh who used to run the Dinosaur and Creationism museum just outside of Dallas, Texas in Glenrose, Texas. – As a Scientist and creationist we figured Dr. Baugh would be open to the idea of Sasquatch, and much to my surprise he was. At 16 years old I was once again afraid of being mocked or laughed at, but Dr. Baugh came out the sites where we had been witnessing the many sasquatch interactions and took casts and hair samples. The Hair Samples came by inconclusive on DNA testing, but the casts are what we found very captivating. As he studied the foot prints and the arches of the feet, he and his team determined that there were 3 males and 2 females.

One morning after Dr. Baugh had spent the better part of the week camping out there, and could not get them to come close enough to them to observe better, my mom and I were out picking up the tape recorders from the previous night. My mom had the car idling and I went into the woods to get the recorder, and my mom walked down the road about 20 yards from the car cause she thought she had heard something. Suddenly from the top of the hill came some of the residence dogs barking, and snarling chasing something thru the woods. I hollered at my mom to make them stop, so she stepped just off the road and hollered at the dogs. They stopped and returned back up the hill, she continued walking and that’s when I saw “Blondie” walking head down straight towards my mom. You could tell by the way “Blondie” was walking that it (don’t know if it was male/female. By chest it appeared male, but I’m not sure if mammary glands on sasquatch are of size like human females are) was labored and tired, evidently this is what the dogs were chasing. It was about 6 feet from my mom, and I realized she was frozen in shock. I still had a barbed wire fence to get over and a road to cross to get to my mom, so I instinctively hollered “Hey!” cause I didn’t want “Blondie” to suddenly walk up onto my mom, look up and get scared and possibly hurt her or it self in the process. “Blondie” jerked it’s head up, looked right in my moms eyes, now some 5 to 5.5 feet from each other, turned gracefully around and just walked calmly back into the woods. My mom said that it’s eyes were a gray/blue. From my vantage point I could clearly see the body now (I was about 12 feet away at this point). The chest to mid stomach was semi hairless, some light hair between the breasts and down towards the naval, then more hair from the naval down. Due to the under brush and trees I could not see any genitalia, so I still can not determine if male or female. The face was not covered in hair around the eyes and nose, some hair around the mouth, but the cheeks and forehead were exposed. The body was very broad, shoulders were very square, and it’s head was that of a persons, it did not have the large dome shape like is sometimes drawn, the head was covered in large flowing hair, and the body was covered in flowing hair. The hands were hairless on the sides and bottom, with hair from the arms covering the back of the hands. Living in such a rough terrain we were both amazed at how beautiful and flowing the hair was. Few twigs and foliage stuck amongst the hair, but not matted or really dirty.

Well that was our last face to face experience with them, they made sure from there on out to keep a distance between us. In fact we started seeing a lot less of “Blondie” after that as well. Before long civilization started creeping in, clear cutting, houses being built and we started seeing less and less of them where we had been. Almost a year went by and we thought they had moved out when a lady my mom worked with started talking about a friend of hers who lived less than a mile to the north of where we had been seeing them said her husband would go out into the woods and feed them. Well we got permission to go on their property and sure enough Mr. Hill had been squirrel hunting one day and came upon one of the smaller ones (he described it as a light brown, approximately 5 feet tall, but with child like eyes) eating one of the squirrels he had just shot that he had been unable to locate. After his shock had worn off he felt sorry for this animal and had started taking scraps out to feed it with. He told us that there was a really large one, which we assumed was “Harry”, that would run the others off and take the main group of the scraps for him self. We asked how he knew it was a him, and he said it was very clear, so Mr. Hill had clearly identified that “Harry” was definitely a male. Mr. Hill had been feeding them for well over a year, and they had become so comfortable with him that he’d keep his distance and they’d keep theirs and he just got used to having them around.

The Hill Property turned out to be the last year we would see and experience the Sasquatch. It was now 1994 and I was in my first year of College, and when school was done, and work had wrapped up I’d go out every night for at least 30 minutes and sit out there and howl or grunt and hear them talk back to me. Well one night against our better judgement we invited a group of about 10 people, some who had been before and some who this was the first time, to go out into the woods of the Hills property to show them our new friends. Well let me tell ya, when a Sasquatch allows you to come into his territory it’s on his terms, and he will clearly let you know when those terms are done. That night “Harry” let us know very clearly that a group this size was not welcome. He first began throwing large tree limbs at us, hitting large limbs together, and eventually he charged us yelling very loudly. This was the first time that I was truly scared for my life. He never physically touched us, or came within visible distance, but to have the trees in front of you shake so ferociously and to hear that griping sound that they make you learn real quick that it’s their territory.

After that night I continued going out, and from time to time I would see “Blondie” way off in the distance, and would hear “Harry” gripe at me thru the trees, but I never entered his territory again, mainly just out of respect. Later that year my family moved from Pittsburg, Texas to Longview, Texas. I would continue going back as I could, but unfortunately civilization continued to encroach out there and eventually Mr. Hill said that the Bigfoot had moved on. He no longer saw them or heard them. I was fortunate enough to get one last glance at the Lake back in 1995. From what I could tell across the harbor it looked to be “Harry”, but it could have been either of the group. The folks at the camp site that saw it said it was some kid in a monkey suit, cause the way it walked it was definitely a person. I just smiled, and told them, nah that’s “Harry”.

Thru this experience I came very close to losing a lot of friends who thought my family was just nuts, but when we would take them out they would come back believers. I just wish I had thought more back then, and would have documented stuff better. I just got so caught up in living this life, and experiencing this rare experience that I started feeling like it was just another part of life, and didn’t accept it as the special gift that it was. The nice part about that feeling though was that I became comfortable with another living creature I knew nothing about, and had civilization not encroached so quickly, and had time not been against me with school and work, I feel that given time they probably would have become more and more comfortable with us, especially “Blondie”. I would have loved to have had the experience of Mr. Hill, to be able to go out and feed these beings, to exist in the woods with them. I guess at my age I was just a little too eager to get that picture, or show them to my friends that I didn’t think about the fact that they were probably just as scared of me as I them at times. I will never forget the experiences I had studying and watching the East Texas Bigfoot, and will forever be thankful that God gave me and my family that opportunity.”

I BELIEVE: Bigfoot in Steeler Country


Here’s an interesting Bigfoot sighting out of Pittsburgh, PA from a man named Sam who claims he spotted a humanoid figure against a backdrop of fresh snow. Because he has seen documentaries and I’m sure Harry & The Hendersons, Sam knew exactly what he was looking at. Good ol’ Bigfoot.
Within an hour of his sighting, Sam called Eric Altman who is the Director of the PA Bigfoot Society and told him about his encounter with the cryptozoological lengend. You can read about Eric’s investigation at the
Sadly Sam didn’t take a photo or video of what he claims he saw. I’m guessing it would’ve just ended up blurry because we all know that Bigfoot himself is out of focus.

I BELIEVE: Now the Ukraine has a Bigfoot

Ukrainian Bigfoot

We can’t get enough of the Bigfoot here at It’s true. We love the hairy monster.

Whether he’s in Texas, Pittsburgh or Poland, we just love hearing and reporting on his crazy adventures around the world.
Now there’s a sighting in the Ukraine complete with shaky, out-of-focus video proof!
As always, we want to believe.

I’ll be honest: This is the cheesiest footage of Bigfoot I’ve seen yet but I do enjoy how the camera person runs away. After all, you don’t know how a guy in a Bigfoot costume might react to being videotaped without his permission.

Go all Harry and the Hendersons in our comments section below!

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I BELIEVE: Bigfoot Video Makes Me Type Out Adirondacks


Here’s another new Bigfoot sighting video. This one takes place in Adirondacks, NY. I love the commentary by the group filming what appears to be a person in a gorilla costume. Enjoy the out-of-focus shakiness below!

I BELIEVE: Scientists Claim They Found A Yeti

Abominable Snowman, Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

Every couple of weeks there’s a new Bigfoot or Yeti sighting and sometimes you get awesome shakey-cam videos of a guy in a gorilla suit pretending to be Harry without the Hendersons. A group of international scientists met in Moscow and claim that they have found the Yeti, Bigfoot’s wintery cousin.

From the Huffington Post Article:

“It didn’t take very long for them to issue a statement on the official Kemerovo website stating they had found “footprints, a probable den and various markers that Yetis mark their territory with.”

An English translation (from of the original Russian news report added that the conference researchers “collected irrefutable evidence of the existence of the Yeti in Mountainous Shoria” (the southern part of Kemerovo).

They concluded that the artifacts gave them 95-percent proof of the existence of Yeti in the Kemerovo region, the press release stated.”

I’m guessing when it’s finally revealed, the 5% will totally denounce that they found a Yeti. What do you believe?

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I BELIEVE: Another Fake-Ass Bigfoot Video

It’s Monday which means another fake Bigfoot video is making the rounds on the internet. Just when the ‘Bigfoot’ aka Guy in a costume was about to confront the witnesses they run like children. What evidence! How scientific.

Enjoy your pathetic attempt at fame. I hope you didn’t get too much dirt on your costume.