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I BELIEVE: Sewer Aliens Debunked

Monsters in the sewers! Is it real? I wish but this looks like a video of somone’s body getting examined with a tiny medical camera. No aliens here! Move along! Thanks to my friend Charles for this!

UPDATE: Dr. Timothy Wood believes it’s a video of some type of worms. The camera movement and the very organic nature of the intestine-like walls lead me to believe it looks more like a medical procedure. But I’m no doctor!
Sewer Aliens Are

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I BELIEVE: ALIEN PLANETS: I <3 Aliens LOL! is a website that allows you to text messages to the planet Gliese 581d, which according to the site, may support life. But I hate to break it to any non-English texting believers who want to communicate with alien life: The site only accepts messages in English. How Milky Way of them.
Go send ET a good LOL at the site or tell that alien Will Smith punched in Independence Day that he was totally PWNED!!!

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I BELIEVE: UFO’S: Secret UFO Documents No Longer Secret?

According to an article by the UFO Digest over 1,300 page of secret UFO documents have been found in Brazil and given to the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers. You know what a secret is after it’s been told? A rumor!
The Brazilian UFO Magazine has a ton of the interesting documents and you won’t believe how many incidents are reported in the pages. Makes you think somebody’s covering up something, huh?

A huge thank you to Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) for fighting for the truth.

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I BELIEVE: UFO’s: Back in the USSR!

A strange hovering circular light was seen in Moscow on Wednesday evening. Of course, scientists have ruled out that it’s a UFO but they have no explanation. So…that’s still unidentified right? Check out what may be the light of God or just a freak natural occurance in the video below and make your own judgment!

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