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Tara Normal in TAPS Paramagazine: Ghost Hunters’ Adam Berry and Tara Normal Ghost Hunt for Cavemen Ghosts

Adam Berry Ghost Hunters

While celebrating the holidays, I received the awesome gift of a killer cold so here’s a classic TAPS Paramagazine comic starring Ghost Hunters star Adam Berry with Tara Normal. Tara Normal returns in 2012 with the weekly Wednesday updates, new art videos, a making-of-graphic novel feature as well as the beginning of the 2012 storyline which will be Tara’s greatest test ever.

TaraNormal Activity: NYCC 2012 Report

Tara Normal New York Comic-Con 2012

Ghost Hunters Adam Berry Tara Normal

Tara Normal New York Comic Con

Tara Normal NYCC Ghost Busters Zuul

Sorry, it took a week for me to get these photos up here. I had the biggest comic convention hangover ever. 4 huge days meeting a ton of awesome readers and trying to pack years of catching up with my NY friends into 4 days really took a toll on me. Now I’m feeling back to normal again (as normal as I get). Here’s a few cool pictures from the show. NYCC 2012 was one of the biggest shows for Tara Normal yet. The debut of Tara Normal Issue #1 went amazing and the book and my art was very well received. Ghost Hunters’ Adam Berry and his husband Ben Berry surprised me by visiting me at the show. Great to see him again and to meet Ben in person! Looking forward to 2013 already.

Tara Normal #1 Debuts on ComiXology today!

Tara Normal #1 on comiXology

Tara Normal Issue 1 debuts today on ComiXology! ComiXology is the #1 digital comic book distributor so I’m very proud to have my comic debut there today.

You can get the new issue #1 here:

Issue Summary:
Tara Normal #1
Let the mystery begin! Tara Normal wakes up in a mental institution after very bad things went down the night before.

Check out these cool tweets from friends helping to spread the word. There’s a lot of Ghost Hunters on here:

Got my first reader review via twitter! Awesome!

Just got this tweet from ComiXology! Awesome!