Tara Normal is the new Geeks of Doom Kickstarter Spotlight!

Tara Normal Kickstarter Geeks of Doom

Here’s an awesome article talking about the things we’re doing right at the Tara Normal Kickstarter:

18 days left to go to support the Tara Normal Kickstarter! Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson gives us a shout out!

A huge thank you to our pal Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters) for spreading the word about the Tara Normal Kickstarter.

Only 18 days remain to get a copy of the brand-new Tara Normal graphic novel by supporting our first Kickstarter. Check out the project here:

Chip Coffey supports the Tara Normal Kickstarter!

My friend Chip Coffey very kindly shared my Tara Normal Kickstarter on his official Facebook just now. Thanks Chip!

Thanks Jay! Jason Hawes from Ghost Hunters backs Tara Normal on Kickstarter!

You can back Tara Normal too at Kickstarter here:

Press Release: Tara Normal Kickstarter and Party this Saturday!

Tara Normal Kickstarter Party

Tara Normal Kickstarter Party in Baltimore