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Webcomic Series

Webcomic Series

tara normal webcomic episode 0 case 0
tara normal origins cover art

2 Episodes Collected: Case Zero & Plan 10

58 pages, full color – $9.95


tara normal webcomic episode 1 case 1

Case #1: Plan 10

The aliens are back, with a new plan after the failure of Plan 9. This time, they’re after more than us humans. Tara meets a new partner in crime-fighting when a local sheriff decides to believe. Together they’ll fight more than just little green men.



tara normal webcomic episode 2 case 2

Case #2: The Men Who Stare at Goatmen

When a severed arm shows up at Old Goatman bridge in Bowie, Maryland, Tara and an unlikely team join forces to unearth the truth about what’s really going on at the nearby Agricultural Research Center. A group of super-larpers lead by Captain Unknown Soldier will provide the clues to uncovering the conspiracy, and a handsome stranger who proclaims to be a skeptic reveals a hidden truth more startling than the government cover-up.



tara normal webcomic episode 3 case 3

Case #3: Out of Body, Out of Mind

The Sheriff is back! … Or is he? As Tara tries to help an old friend find his body and a new friend solve his impending identity crisis, she’s confronted with a new enemy that threatens the entire city of Baltimore. Baby Cthulhu will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends.




Case #4: Not a Boy, Not Yet a Wolfman

Jake Weston’s origin is revealed and the government are coming for him. Can Tara help him before the men in black lock him up for good?