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Book 1: Siena

Book 1: Siena

//  The Story

tara normal book 1 cover art

Tara Normal has begun a quest to speak to her mother one last time and to destroy the demon that killed her. Her mother, Sarah Normal, was a famous horror novelist who died mysteriously while writing a book on demonology. After training at the Vatican, Tara has returned to Little Salem a hero for proving that ghosts exist. Tara’s plan is to draw out the demon who murdered her mother and solve the personal mystery that has haunted her life.

Her paranormal team is comprised of her friends Jake Weston, the skeptic of the group and Kelly Savage, tech expert. Jake and Kelly believe Tara’s recent actions have been self-destructive and are worried about their friend’s safety. Jake is not so secretly in love with Tara but she pushes him away. Kelly has been Tara’s BFF since grade school and has always been by her side.

The local Sheriff and his police force often ask Tara to help investigate paranormal crimes in Little Salem. The town of Little Salem is very proud of Tara and many of the local shops sell various Tara merchandise. Adversely, secret government agents in black SUV’s track Tara’s every move looking to build up evidence against her in order to discredit her. Tara wants the world to know the secrets they hide.

Tara is supported by her spectral friend, Shadowman. Shadowman is an intergalactic traveler whose main job on his world is to watch other planets and never interfere. He almost always breaks this code. He has known Tara since she was very young and often offers her advice and a helping hand if needed. He is constantly in trouble with his superiors but his friendship with Tara is worth it.

Tara’s dad Abe Normal owns the magic store below the apartment in which he and Tara live. He has fallen into a deep depression since his wife Sarah passed away. He has turned to alcohol to numb his pain. With all of her powers, Tara is helpless when it comes to what ails her father.

Ghost Soldiers, the #1 paranormal reality show on TV, struggle to find relevance in a world where Tara has shown true evidence of ghosts. In a bid to reclaim past glory, the show’s producer Paul has the cast investigating one of the most dangerous haunted locations known to man: Saint Catherine of Siena Hospital for the Insane. Paul has also added a new star to the team: Kara Normal, Tara’s young cousin. It’s all a ploy to get Tara’s attention and increase ratings all at once. The Ghost Soldiers soon learn they are in over their heads at a location with real paranormal activity and Tara Normal will have to save the reality stars and rescue her cousin.


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