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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Tara Normal Webcomic, Tara Normal: Volume 0: Case #2: The Men Who Stare At Goatmen | 12 comments

Case #2: The Men Who Stare At Goatmen: Scene 33

Uh oh! Jake’s got Thriller eyes!! Maybe Tara should listen to Jake this time. Find out next Wednesday what happens because things just got crazy. Remember, Jake’s been downing that medication all story long. What the heck are they?!
Plus, now you know where the time of the story came from. Ahhh, sometimes I love it when a movie does that. You know, have the main character explicitly say the title so the audience will be like “Oh! That’s why this is called Wolverine: Origins: The Worst Movie Ever! I get it now!” Hopefully, you’re okay with me doing it this one time.
I’m also guessing this is what the real Agricultural Research Center in Bowie, Maryland is like. Just filled with creepy rooms of weird fetuses. And then, you know, the Goatman.
Don’t forget you can win an original drawing of Tara Normal just by leaving a comment about your favorite paranormal movie, TV show or book over at my agent Bree Ogden’s blog! Free art just for a comment?! It’s insanity.
I’ll just found out I’ll be at the New York Comic-Con October 8-10th so if you’re going please stop by and say hello! We should arrange some kind of Tara Normal meet-up after the show on Saturday too. Hmmm…
Thanks again for reading my comic. Please share it with your friends and let people know about Tara’s adventures. You rock!

  • Bree Ogden

    wwwhhhoooooooo!!! I love that last line from Tara.

  • Howie Noel

    w00t!! Thank you! She’s super mad. :)

  • tmcelmurry

    Holy Cow….are we about to find out that Jake is the Goatman…could it be? Dun Dun Dunnnnn!!! Wow, I knew there was some reason he didn’t want to pursue this case and was quick to debunk any Supernatural events…he’s been fighting an internal demon and hoping it wasn’t true. Time for Tara to start chewing bubble gum and kicking butt…well, it appears she’s all out of bubble gum. :)

  • Howie Noel

    Totally, Todd! Nobody is that super-skeptical. Jake has a dark secret and we’ll find out what it is next Wednesday. And you know you can count on Tara when it comes to fighting monsters, man.

  • DadaHyena

    Extra points for the Stan Winston reference (God rest his weird, weird soul). Maybe she should have said Rick Baker?

  • Howie Noel

    Oooh! I’ll mention Rick Baker in next week’s comic! RIP Stan

  • tapsfanfromupton

    Sweet!!! Cant wait to see next week to see what she does?? and if he look

  • David

    HA! The doc who prescribed those pills is quite the sadist! “Take two groin punches and call me in the morning.” By the way, I love Jake’s look in the last panel! Nice!

  • dgriff13

    *hums thriller to self for next 3 hours*

    Duuuuude, you’re going to NYCC too now? It’s fate.. I HAVE to find a way to get there on Saturday. MUST.. JOIN…FORCES… of… CARTOONISTS!

  • misspuke

    oooo the suspense! can’t wait for next week!!

  • misspuke

    ps.. it doesn’t matter how terrifying he is.. anytime i think ‘goatman’, i think jim breuer.

    • Howie Noel

      Hahahaha! Yes, but sometimes Jim Breuer is frightening…