Case #2: The Men Who Stare At Goatmen: Scene 12

Case #2: The Men Who Stare At Goatmen: Scene 12

New Character Alert! Today’s comic marks the debut of Jake Weston and we’ll find out more about him next Wednesday! His facial hair alone took me over 40 minutes to create in Photoshop. It’s epic. Thank you for reading and supporting my webcomic.
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A big thank you to my friend Kristyn Gartland for letting me put her in my comic! Kristyn and Brian Stephenson created Anomalie Paranormal, the gear that Tara Normal uses on investigations. The actual Anomalie bags are perfect for paranormal investigations or just everyday use! Please check out Anomalie’s website!

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  • Don B.

    I’m curious, what is Baby C’thulu holding, excercise equipment? I think it is but I can’t be sure.

  • Bucky

    Hmmm I’m a little skeptical about Ryan Reynolds’ hair (I guess not every guy can rock the Sheriff’s style), but Kristyn’s hair looks great! What kind of conditioner does she use?

  • Howie Noel

    Don, he’s holding a broken cassette tape from the 80′s. It’s tiny but the tape is hanging out of it. Little guy has snapped it in half. It is a form of excercising!

    Bucky- you’re always so skeptical! :)

  • David

    HA! Hmmm… being an entity hunter that doesn’t believe in ghosts is like being a librarian that doesn’t believe in books. BTW, I loooove those backgrounds. Would love to see how you get your textures.

  • tmcelmurry

    I sense a little chemistry about to happen between Tara and Jake. Man Baby Chthulhu is putting the hurt on that tape. Great job on the drawing of Kristyn, I’m sure she was very happy to see that. The time you are taking to invest in this webcomic is definitely well worth it, the final outcome is awesome both on the eyes and in the reading. Great job again as usual, keep up the good work. Looking forward to getting out there on the trail of the Goatman.

  • nrefzen

    Sweet, Tara is an Android user!

  • Howie Noel

    David- thanks, man! Love the librarian line- that it is very true! A tutorial on textures is a great idea- I’ll see what I can come up with for you.

    Todd- I think you may be psychic! Thank you for your comments about my art and the comic in general. I really appreciate it. It makes staying up till 3 AM to finish the comic worth it! Glad you’re ready to hunt the Goatman with Tara!

    Fern- it’s because you got me hooked on that phone! :)

  • DadaHyena

    Keep a hold on that mustache! I’m pretty sure there’s some ancient Oriental recipe about Mogwai fur being used for aphrodisiacs!

  • dgriff13

    ha ha, love how she answered the phone. Noticed it was a non-iphone, and gasped! LOL

  • tapsfanfromupton

    Gartland.. Sweet… Miss her..Hope she is at Mt. Washington this year!! Great job on here pic. Hey what ringtone does Tara have set for her?? lol

    Next, …. Jake is a HOTTIE!!! and his name is SEXY .. GOOD JOB!