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Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in News, TaraNormal Activity Blog | 3 comments

Tara Normal needs your help! Please donate to help stop infringement.

Tara Normal needs your help! Please donate to help stop infringement.

Tara Normal

First, thank you for reading my comic Tara Normal and supporting my work. For the past year, I’ve been dealing with the most difficult experience I’ve ever gone through creatively. In 2006, I first conceived the idea that would eventually transform into Tara Normal. In 2007, I had the title and character in line and began creating stories with her. As you know, this comic was published starting in 2009 and has continued ever since.
Unfortunately in 2012 a major publisher released a series of books with my title (except 1 letter off) with a similar plot and pitch. I had also pitched Tara Normal to this publisher but they passed.
In order to defend my brand and original work, I need to raise funds to send a legal notice. Tara Normal is a registered trademark but I need your help to raise the funds for this next step of protection.
Since day one, I’ve had colleagues tell me that Tara Normal was such a clever idea and name. They’d say they wish they had thought of it first. Now a major publisher has decided I don’t need to be compensated for my work or my ideas. They just decided to take them.
You can help me send them a message that the original creators are important. The original artists matter to the character’s name and origins and story. I am raising funds for a cease and desist letter to protect my creation. You may donate any amount you can below via Paypal. I thank you greatly in advance. A cease and desist costs $500. I have already raised $80. I only need $420 more dollars to reach my goal. Please help Tara Normal if you can.

UPDATE 1x: Thanks to the awesome help so far, we only need $345 more to reach our goal;

UPDATE 2x: Thanks to the amazing support, now we only need $141 more to reach our goal!

UPDATE 3x: Thanks to you brilliant friends, now we only need $17 more to reach our goal!

UPDATE 4x: Thank you so much! We reached our goal. I’ll be providing an update and moving forward this week. Thank you for your support. I can’t believe the goal was met within hours in 1 day. I am amazed by all of you and your kindness.

  • Anthony Cariss

    This reminds me of the altercation between the fast food giant Rax and the Green Burrito, at the time a six store chain in southern California. Rax liked the Green Burrito’s concept so much they stole it lock, stock and barrel. The only concession they made was to call theirs Red Burrito. Unfortunately for Rax the owner(s) of the Green Burrioto were savvy. Instead of working their way up the legal chain they went straight to the FTC. They knew they could not afford to fight Rax one step at a time. In the end (and it was quick) Rax was nearly bankrupted by the federal judge’s order to immediately close ALL Red Burritos, cease the renovation of stores slated to become Red Burritos and pay millions to Green Burriot. They were also ordered that before they could reopen the closed Red Burritos, Rax would have to their decor and menus scrutinized by Green Burrito to satisfy them that there was sufficient difference to allow them to be judged as separate entities.

    • taranormal

      Wow. Looks like Green Burrito handled it perfectly. That’s an amazing story I’ve never heard before.

    • Frank Bromley

      wow you never hear about it when the little guy manages to ROYALLY screw the big company

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