Tara Normal: Chapter #2: Page 17

Tara Normal: Chapter #2: Page 17

Poor ghost. I would have chosen him over Paul. But Tara does have to think about saving her cousin Kara so I understand her choice.

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I received a nice comment from Krysta:
I really miss the humor element in the last story line, this one seems more focused on death and gore. :/

Krista, I hope today’s comic shows that the humor will still be a part of this comic. I needed to set up the terrible crew of Ghost Soldiers and our new bad guys. Trust me, now that I have those characters in place, more humor from Tara and others will be seen. Thank you for reading and voicing your opinion. It helps me a lot!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/christina.ottman Christina Ottman

    oh she should have let the ghost have a little more fun before saving Paul . lmao KICK BUTT TARA

  • http://www.facebook.com/normand.m.asselin Normand M Asselin

    there’s only one person who is so bad ass she can punch a ghost, and that would be Tara :) next punch, Pauls testicles

  • http://twitter.com/AbelUndercity Abel Undercity

    I think Paul’s past the point of “pants-crapping” and into “complete rectal prolapse” territory now.

  • Grace

    I haven’t voted in the poll because I can’t decide! Besides, I don’t see that they’re necessarily mutually exclusive!

  • taranormal

    Thank you, Grace! That’s a great point.