Tara Normal: Chapter #2: Page 15

Tara Normal: Chapter #2: Page 15

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to make sure this new comic debuted by Halloween and Hurricane Sandy may take out power in my area so here’s the page a little early. Enjoy.

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  • http://twitter.com/TAPSFanInUpton Christina Ottman


  • http://twitter.com/tmcelmurry Todd McElmurry

    Sounds to me like Tara’s got some terms too “you mess with my family, I prevent you from having one”. Hope you and your family stay safe Howie as Frankenstorm rolls through.

  • taranormal

    LOL! Thanks for reading, Chrissy! :)

  • taranormal

    Thanks Todd! We’re prepared. Hopefully the storm isn’t too bad where we are. Thanks for the well wishes

  • Nekohime

    someone sounds like he got his pride wrecked. Kicking him in the balls may not even work he may have all ready sold them to increase his pride or there smaller then single grain of rice. hmm i think after he gets kicked he should be arrested by the cop for endangering people.

  • http://twitter.com/AbelUndercity Abel Undercity

    This might be a good time to introduce the notion of “probable cause” into Paul’s private little world.

    Also, +1 vote for the ball-kicking.

  • taranormal

    Yeah, Paul doesn’t seem to care about the law or anything but his terrible TV show. lol

  • taranormal

    But the ball kicking will at least be enjoyable to watch.