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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in TaraNormal Activity Blog, Weird | 4 comments

I BELIEVE: Man claims his Loch Ness Monster photo is most definitive ever. It’s not.

I BELIEVE: Man claims his Loch Ness Monster photo is most definitive ever. It’s not.

2012 Loch Ness Monster Photo
Every once in a while, a photo of the Loch Ness Monster pops up and the person who took the photo says it’s the proof we’ve all been waiting for.

Above is the newest photo. Sigh.

The new photo that George Edwards claims is evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster features a dark gray hump sticking out of the water. If it is a hoax, at least it’s not as obvious at the “Surgeon’s Photo,” which is arguably the most famous picture of Nessie. The 1934 photograph was later debunked as a hoax—it turned out to be a toy submarine with a molded head and neck attached to it.

There has been lots of “evidence” purporting to prove Nessie’s existence ever since she became a sensation in the 1930s. However, all of the photographs, videos, and sonar searches have provided no definitive proof, and Edwards’ photo is certainly no exception.

However, Steve Feltham, another Nessie hunter who has examined many alleged photos of the creature, said this of George Edwards’ picture:

“It is the best photograph I think I have ever seen.”

“I think the images are fantastic – that’s the animal I have been looking for all this time.”

George claims that he also sent the photo to “friends in the USA who have friends in the military” to verify that he hadn’t photographed a log or some other inanimate object.


  • David Lee

    If it was an animal the size of Nessie, I’d think it would be making a lot more ripples. Then again it’s just really hard to figure out how big the thing is. Water and the Sky tend to the hardest places to get a good idea of size. I’m still gonna be skeptical though.

  • Michael Corley

    Finally! Definitive proof there are things in Loch Ness!

    • taranormal

      This mystery is solved alright. Next: Bigfoot.

  • DadaHyena

    Hey, considering how many years on end people were fooled by a toy submarine with a rubber dinosaur head (seriously)…