Tara Normal in TAPS Paramagazine: Ghost Hunters’ Adam Berry and Tara Normal Ghost Hunt for Cavemen Ghosts

Adam Berry Ghost Hunters

While celebrating the holidays, I received the awesome gift of a killer cold so here’s a classic TAPS Paramagazine comic starring Ghost Hunters star Adam Berry with Tara Normal. Tara Normal returns in 2012 with the weekly Wednesday updates, new art videos, a making-of-graphic novel feature as well as the beginning of the 2012 storyline which will be Tara’s greatest test ever.

  • Marc

    LOL. This is awesome! ;)

  • sspicofounder

    love it. was this Adams first appearance in a Tara toon?

  • http://www.zfcomics.com dgriff13

    LOL! Caveman ghosts, why the hell not?
    okay, I need to get caught up again.. when did Tara change her hair?? hey… it’s kinda like my style, except blue!

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  • http://www.taranormal.com/store/store-caricatures.html Howie Noel

    @sspicofounder Thank you. Yes, this is Adam’s debut in a Tara Normal comic.

    @dgriff13 Tara had this haircut for a few comics in TAPS Paramgazine but never in the ongoing webcomic. Just a style I was playing with for a while.