Tara Normal Activity: New Comic Cover Artwork. Coming coming 2012

Tara Normal Activity Comic Cover

For my art update this week, I wanted to share a look at the brand-new Tara Normal story I’m working on: Tara Normal Activity. This is a darker take on the story and character you already love. This new series will only deal with ghost hunting and spirits and demons. Above is how I will draw ghosts in the story- obviously a more horrific version than I’ve offered up before. I hope you like this new direction. I think you’ll like the scares I have planned.

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  • sspicofounder

    can not wait

  • http://www.rickthestick.com tmcelmurry

    By the looks of the cover this will be an awesome series. I really like that you’ve chosen a more graphic spectral form to take a more horrific approach. Can’t wait for this to start.

  • http://www.hcnoel.com Howie Noel

    Thanks, buds. I’m really excited about this new horror-themed version.

  • http://www.aidancasserly.com/SCAPULA DadaHyena

    This is gonna be awesome!

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