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Posted by on Nov 2, 2011 in TaraNormal Activity Blog, Weird | 2 comments

I BELIEVE: UFO during NFL Game, Similar Sightings

I BELIEVE: UFO during NFL Game, Similar Sightings

Flying Rods

During the NFL game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts on October 23rd, a few viewers noticed a UFO was captured when the station’s cameras were focused on the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Here’s a video recording show what went down.

These rod-shaped UFO’s are actually more common than one would think.

In 1994, independent filmmaker Jose Escamilla was attempting to videotape UFOs near Roswell, N.M. — yes, that Roswell — home of the legendary, alleged crash of a UFO in 1947 that has captured the imaginations of millions of people for decades.

“As I reviewed one of the tapes, I noticed something streak past my camera viewfinder and thought at first it was just a bird or insect,” Escamilla told The Huffington Post.

“Looking at each frame of the footage again, I knew it was something more unusual. My girlfriend at the time called them ‘rods’ as they sort of looked like some kind of life form you’d see in a microscope.”

Since that time, Escamilla has collected hundreds of taped examples from around the world of these so-called rods, which vary in physical form: Some look like centipedes with appendages and others have no appendages but appear to have lights on top of them.

Skeptics maintain there’s nothing extraordinary about all of this — the objects, they say, are merely insects flying very close to the camera lens.

Here’s a TV news report on ‘rods’:

I came across a video from a History channel program explaining that an adjusted shutterspeed on a camera can produce images resembling the ‘rods’ from normal footage of birds or other insects. The photo in this blog entry is actually of moths, not aliens. Long exposure photographs of regular, everyday insects can produce images where the bugs will look like the alien-like ‘rods’.

You can view the debunking rods video here:

So while not a flying saucer or alien, it appears photos and videos of insects have captured the attention of many people who ‘want to believe’.

Read the Huffington Post Article:

  • sean

    That’s interesting. I’ve always just thought that “Rods” where just a trick of the camera and that it’s likely to be just bugs. But I’ve never seen one that went behind something, and for it to be so far away too. If there is something there it must be really big.

  • Howie Noel

    Yeah, that’s the part that’s most intriguing to me, too. How does it appear to go behind the cathedral. I wasn’t aware of how wide-stretching this phenomena was before. I love the news report on them.