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Posted by on Jan 5, 2011 in Tara Normal Webcomic, Tara Normal: Volume 0: Case #3: Out of Body, Out of Mind | 12 comments

Case #3: Out of Body, Out of Mind: Scene 10

Guest Art by Paul Westover of

Finally, a new Tara Normal! While my computer gets a new hard drive and I work on my friend Lex’s laptop (he’s from Germany so the laptop is all in German, it’s a learning process!) my friend and fellow artist Paul Westover came through to help me out big time. This week’s strip is super special because it’s the first time I’ve written a story and had someone else illustrate it. Paul has blown me away. He really knocked it out of the park. I wrote some crazy stuff and he drew it all in there and made it better.
Please check out his awesome webcomic Woody After Hours about a late night talk show host Woody. I read it and you should too! Paul illustrates and the talented and awesome Ben Carter writes it.
Paul’s art site is here:

  • misspuke

    hahaha this is amazing. i love it. i love gary.

  • tmcelmurry

    Man, that’s totally awesome that Paul stepped up like that. He is a super guy. The story is awesome Howie, and to see Paul’s creation of it is so cool. Such a great collaboration.

    Man, Gary sure loves his Unicorns. :)

  • Howie

    Thank you! I’m going to draw a pin-up of you & Gary. It will be Epic!

  • Howie

    Thanks man! Paul knocked it out of the park. Gary also loves strawberries.

  • dgriff13

    *claps hands* LOVE it when 2 of my favs collaborate. Warm fuzzy! Great job both of you ;0)

  • Howie

    Thanks Dawn! It was fun to work with someone on TaraNormal. I’m glad you like the results!

  • tapsfanfromupton

    Sometimes I wonder if you eat those funky mushrooms from the woods before you come up with these ..LMAO…lol Love it

  • Howie

    Lol! No, but I should!

  • misspuke

    howie, just eat some of that strawberry goo.. it’s fantastic!

  • Howie Noel

    Hahaha! Emily- you and Gary the panther seem to enjoy it!

  • Paul

    Thanks for all the great comments, people! I had so much fun doing this, and I can’t thank Howie enough for the opportunity!

  • DadaHyena

    Hey! Not only did she swipe the unicorn’s horn, she also stole Skeletor’s purple panther!