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Mt. Washington Hotel-Beyond Reality Event

I had the best weekend ever at the Beyond Reality Event at the Mt. Washington Hotel in NH. Getting to spend time with all of my new friends was an amazing experience! I’ve never laughed or smiled so much before. My art for the charity auction Saturday night raised $350 for the causes and I’m so grateful to the bidder. It feels great to help out a good cause (for this benefit it was two really great causes) and I’m happy I was able to do something to help. In total I believe the auction raised over $7,000 and it was a really great moment. I’ve tried to upload a ton of photos from the event so you can see some of thestuff that happened.

During the investigations the biggest personal experiences for me came Sunday night when I was investing in the group lead by Joe and Dianna Avena of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations.

With several K-II meters on the ground and the group’s digital recorders going, Dianna began an EVP session to see if we could make contact with any spirits in the South Tower at Mt. Washington. To everyone’s surprise the KII’s started to answer to Dianna and Joe’s yes or noquestions. It was very exciting and interesting to see.

When the question ‘Are you a male?’ was asked, it lit the lights up on the KII to answer yes. When asked it’s age through a series of questions, it became clear it was 30 years old. It was also asked if there were more spirits in the room and most of the KII meters when off stronger than any other time during the session. I personally noted a cold spot around the KII’s in front of me during the session. Jay and Grant joined us during the session as the questions had begun. It was really cool to be in the same room as Grant asked questions and got some very strong responses from the K-II. I really learned a lot about the field by observing this investigation.

I can’t wait to apply what I learned from my time at Mt. Washington to Tara Normal.

I took a lot of notes from Kris, Kristyn, Steve, Dave, Joe, Dianna, Jay and Grant at the show and I have a better understanding of how theyeach go about investigating and their different perspectives.

I’m going to have some more in depth stuff this week as right now I really have to get some sleep finally!

Thanks again to everyone (especially Holly Griffith!!) with Beyond Reality Events and the TAPS crew for letting me be a part of the event. It was a dream come true for me. If you get a chance to go to one of these events, I really would recommend it if you are interested in the paranormal and Ghost Hunters.

Tara Normal Uses Anomalie Paranormal Gear!

Tara Normal uses Anomalie Paranormal gear when investigating!

Tara Normal uses Anomalie Paranormal gear when investigating!

We are proud to announce that on her many investigations, Tara Normal will be using bags and gear created by Anomalie Paranormal. Anomalie was created by Brian Stephenson and Kristyn Gartland.
From the company’s Myspace:
Anomalie is dedicated to the unknown. We are professional investigators and we know the paranormal is not a hobby but a lifestyle! When you chose an Anomalie bag, you are choosing a bag designed by professionals. When you are searching for the unknown Anomalie has your back! Anomalie, anything but normal.
Brian Stephenson and Kristyn Gartland met while she was teaching her Paranormal 101 class in Rhode Island. Both had ideas that would change their relationship forever. Brian is about be the proud father of a beautiful baby girl. He has a long back ground in marketing. Kristyn has a back ground in law enforcement and for the last 5 years has been a regular on the Sci-Fi original series Ghost Hunters. She is also a proud parent of a soon to be 13 year old, god help her! Both were tired of carrying a ton of equipment in pockets, shirts and just plain unsafe bags. And so began Anomalie Bags!!!! Not just partners, but friends!!
You can visit them online at:

Alien skull spotted on Mars? Sure!

Much like the ‘face on mars’ the newly discovered alien skull on mars may be just another people seeing what they want to see. Apparently, a lot of people want to see an alien skull!

Alien Skull on Mars

Alien Skull on Mars

I BELIEVE: Montauk Monster Ahoy!

Largely debunked to be just the bloated corpse of a drowned dog, the Montauk Monster still has its believers. These believers are mostly people who probably have never seen the mystical creatures known as dogs. They’ve never seen the wonder of them catching a Frisbee or bringing a stick around to chew on. They’ve never heard the wondrous sound of them waking their owners at 3 AM because a pin dropped in the hallway. They are truly missing out. If you want to believe in the Montauk Monster below is a link!

2nd Montauk Monster

I BELIEVE: UFO’S: UFO Over Arizona Debunked?

The UFO seen over Arizona yesterday is being called a US research balloon used to measure gamma ray emissions.
Gamma ray? Now we know what green man to really look out for!

I BELIEVE: GHOSTS: Did a BBC Cameraman Catch a Ghost?

I have a hard time seeing anything in photos containing so-called ghosts but I wanted to share this one to see what you think. I see blurry stuff and pixels. Is that proof of a haunting? Looks like proof of a dusty room and light reflecting off surfaces. Further investigation is needed of this room to determine if anything’s in there.
You be the judge of this one…I can’t see what the guy’s so scared of. Read about the whole groovy mystery at the BBC’s site!

I BELIEVE: UFO’S: UFO’S Still In Kansas, Dorothy!

Margie Kay, Director of KC MUFON, a UFO investigative group, says that UFO sightings are on the rise over Kansas in 2009. Why wouldn’t aliens love Kansas? Tons of farmland to ruin with crop circles! Check out the news report below to see all the fuzzy details!

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I BELIEVE: GOATMAN: The Hunt Begins!

Governor's Bridge Road

Governor's Bridge Road

One of my favorite cryptozoological creatures is the Goatman! Part goat, part man! Several people have claimed they have witness this creature stalking the woods of Maryland, particularly around Governor’s Bridge Road AKA Cry Baby Bridge in Davidson, MD. Desperate to see this Bigfoot of Maryland with my own two eyes I have begun a series of investigations to find the Goatman. Goatman will be appearing in the second case in Tara Normal after Plan 10 concludes and I’m excited to share my version of his story.
Joined by my fellow investigators Shelley and Chris, I headed out to find the Goatman a few weekends ago. The trip to Governor’s Bridge Road also allowed us to try and debunk or find evidence of the bridge’s other legends such as the Cry Baby Bridge story. Legend has it you can here the sounds of a ghost baby crying for its mother after she abandoned it or threw it off of the bridge depending on which version of the story you want to believe. When we arrived at the bridge we did notice it is one creepy looking structure. Only big enough to allow flow of traffic at a time and looks cool enough to warrant some type of willies. We did not hear any ghost babies crying nor did we hear any real babies crying.
The second legend we wanted to look into was the phantom disembodied hand which is said to haunt the bride. Legend has it an accident took place on the bridge that left its victim in pieces. The clean up crew found everything but one of his hands. That’s right- Thing from the Addams Family is on the loose in MD. We didn’t find the hand either. Our guess is that when someone stops at the bridge their tires may kick up dirt and the sound of it hitting the car may make someone assume they heard a phantom hand tapping on their bumper. If that person is insane. I’m guessing they looked in their rear view mirror, saw a rabbit and jumped to the conclusion its a hand walking around on its own.
The third legend was the case of the blond hitchhiking bobby soxer ghost. Supposedly this attractive ghost is seen hitchhiking by the bridge and when you go to pick her up, she’s no longer there! Big negative on this one but I would like to investigate this further as she’s is supposed to drop dead gorgeous.
The main event was our search for the Goatman. We were unable to turn up any evidence of the Goatman on this investigation however I am about to contact a person who claims they did see the creature. The sighting didn’t happen near the bridge however once I am able to interview the witness I’ll post the answers here on the Paranormal Blog and update you on my next hunt for the Goatman! Stay tuned!

I BELIEVE: GOATMAN: Eyewitness account of the Goatman!

taraanomalieadfinalcopy1After my own search for the Goatman, I got this great opportunity to speak to someone who has seen the creature in person- or in half-goat, half-person. Read below for Dan Judd’s story. With all of this information, I can’t wait to go another search! Dan has told me he has even more details and as soon as I get them I will post them!

Q: We recently set out to find the goatman at its rumored hangout Governors bridge road. Where did your sighting take place?

Dan:When i saw goat man it was actually off Race Track Rd. Where the new development is now. It use to be all woods and the old barns and stables from the Bowie Racetrack were still standing. I had originally set out on my bike looking for an old bus in the woods that a friend of my dads was telling me about. I entered in from the top the R- Section. I forget the name of the road now. But it’s the road that runs next to Rocklidge Park. I was walking my bike in the woods and came to a fork in the path. One going deep into the woods and one going down a hill that lead to field. Since i was by myself i went down the hill into the field rather deep into the woods. I was walking my bike since the grass around the path was high and I wasn’t familiar with the woods or any of the stories i later heard about them. This also had to be about 3 or 4pm in the afternoon. As I was walking I felt as if i was being watched, yeah i know cliche, so I stopped looked up and to my right. And at about 200 feet away was a creature staring at me.

Q: What time of day was it and were you alone?

Dan:Yes I was alone and it was about 3 or 4pm. So it was still bright and sunny and clear at that point.

Q: can you describe the creature for us? Did it have horns? How tall was it? Did it make any sounds? Be as descriptive as you can be.

Dan:When I looked up and saw the creature I was scared to saw the least. It was about 7 feet tall. I am making that estimate because it was standing under a smaller tree that looked like a younger tree. It had a thin long head much like a deer or a goat. A long neck down to shoulders, similar or a man. and it was completely covered in fur. At this point I turned around and booked it out of there. I looked back as i turned and it wad taken off the opposite direction. It wasn’t exactly running but it wasn’t trotting. It was definitely on 2 feet. But it was more of a longer stride. And as it went through the brush it didn’t push any branches or foliage out of the way like a person would as they are walking or running through the woods. I distinctly remember seeing ears and no horns. It didn’t look like the devil like a lot of people and pictures depict it. It was brown and had a white patch coming down from his neck to back that was white and in the shape of a diamond. It looked back once at me as i took off and it definitely was not human . but because it was upright and had shoulders and arms it was not a deer. It moved similar to a human but didn’t act like one, since it didn’t block the branches just kind of let it hit it in the body and face. Long gaping stride but semi nimble too.

Q: Some reports state the goatman is a homeless man. Is there any possibility of this?

Dan: I can certainly see how some would think its a homeless man. But what I saw was not human. It didn’t make any noises i noticed. it was ran off. I am sure a homeless dude wouldn’t just run from a 15 year old by himself either.

Q: have you ever had any other paranormal experiences? If so please describe.

Dan: My dad use to live in Brentwood and we went to St Rose Catholic Church. I went down in the basement of this really old church to use the bathroom. It was the middle of the summer, and i got a horrible chill, again like I was being watched. But I was alone. And it felt like something was real close to me. I later finally saw the movie the Excorsist, and read about it. St Rose was the church that the movie is based on. And there was a lot written about it and still being haunted by the Devil himself and other spirits. Not many people fill the church and kneelers at empty pews always fall and weird non-human and non-musical noises are heard all the time when we were in mass there.
I’ve been to Governor’s Rd and Cry Baby’s Bridge and saw and heard nothing there.
I’ve also been to the Glendale Hospital. Nothing special but I was scared the entire time since this was after goatman. And that’s another rumored place of his. The only really weird thing we saw was a white Dove flying repeatedly into a wall in a room that looked like it was an old theater.

I BELIEVE: Sewer Aliens Debunked

Monsters in the sewers! Is it real? I wish but this looks like a video of somone’s body getting examined with a tiny medical camera. No aliens here! Move along! Thanks to my friend Charles for this!

UPDATE: Dr. Timothy Wood believes it’s a video of some type of worms. The camera movement and the very organic nature of the intestine-like walls lead me to believe it looks more like a medical procedure. But I’m no doctor!
Sewer Aliens Are Worms-Gizmodo.com

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